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Tracing Your Irish Roots

Tracing Your Irish Roots – Irish Immigration

The last three hundred years has witnessed extensive Irish immigration to all corners of the globe. Close to 80 million people who claim Irish roots or affiliation are connected in a vibrant community of shared cultural identity and heritage. This network of Irish descendents is an important part of Ireland’s ongoing tale. No wonder so many people journey to Ireland to connect to their past and become a part of that country’s story. Searching for your Irish ancestors is fun, exciting, and gratifying. Experiencing your Irish heritage within the context of your ancestors is unmatched. Continue Reading →

Happy St Patrick's Day to You in Irish

FUN Ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day at home!

The final countdown to St Patrick’s Day has begun! Wherever you are in the world, bring Ireland into your home and your heart this St Patrick’s Day. Here’s 5 FUN ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day at home! Continue Reading →

5 must-see romantic movies set in Ireland

5 Must-see romantic movies set in Ireland

Fancy watching a romantic movie that is set in Ireland? These 5 movies will make you fall in love with Ireland. The ultimate list! Continue Reading →