Tracing Your Irish Ancestors

The Irish have emigrated all over the globe. Around 80 million people worldwide claim to have Irish roots. If you are from the USA, Canada or Australia, chances are that at least one of your ancestors come from the Emerald Isle. No wonder that so many people come to Ireland for an adventure into their past. 

Tracing your Irish Ancestors can be fun and exciting. The Irish were survivors, bound with strength and optimism. They moved to distant countries to build new lives. What made them leave? Where did their journey start? Tracing your family history can be time-consuming but rewarding. Connecting with the land of your ancestors can bring a deep sense of belonging. A journey into the past will create everlasting memories for your entire family.  

Your Irish journey of discovery

The key to your search is identifying the town or village where your ancestors originated. Ultimately, you’ll want to make the journey to the homeland. Coming to Ireland will add a whole new dimension to your genealogy experience that will stay with you forever.

Kerry Experience Tours can assist in organising your Irish journey of discovery and be your driver/guide when exploring the home of your ancestors. Visit the very place where your ancestors lived in the early years of their lives. Explore the land they loved so much but had to leave behind. Talk to the people who still live here and listen to their stories. You might even connect with members of your extended family. This experience will give you a vivid picture of your past. You’ll soon feel at home in Ireland, just like your ancestors did.

Personal genealogy assistance

Kerry Experience Tours have teamed up with USA-based genealogy buff and avid traveller Melanie Nelson. She will author a guest blog about genealogy research in Ireland, sharing her personal experiences exploring her Irish family history. Keep an eye on our blog for her upcoming posts that may help you find your Irish ancestors. In partnership with Melanie, Kerry Experience Tours will create a unique genealogy adventure that weaves your ancestor search with a wonderful Irish experience.

Make the journey home

We’re here to help you find your Irish ancestors from start to finish – whether you don’t know where to begin or you’re ready to plan your Irish family history tour. We can help you prepare your Irish research, plan your itinerary that includes both work and fun, book your accommodations, drive you to your key destinations, and even assist with local research. Contact us to discuss our wide range of customized options.

Get in touch with Kerry Experience Tours and make the journey home happen!

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