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5 Must See Romantic Movies Set In Ireland

5 Must See Romantic Movies Set In Ireland

Fancy watching a romantic movie that is set in Ireland? These five movies will make you fall in love with Ireland, with the lush landscapes, the people, Irish music and the typical Irish sense of humor.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day or just “Saturday night movie night”, it’s always a good time to watch a feel good movie that shows off the stunning Irish scenery!

Here is the ultimate list of romantic movies that are set in Ireland. Read what the movie is about and on what locations in Ireland filming took place!

The Matchmaker

Starring: Janeane Garofalo, David O’Hara
Location: Roundstone and the Aran islands, county Galway

The Matchmaker- 5 Must See Romantic Movies Set In Ireland

The Matchmaker – the story:

American Senator John McGlory wants to win the votes of Irish-Americans by finding his Irish roots. He sends his assistant Marcie to Ireland, in the hope she’ll find his long lost relatives and ancestors. Marcie arrives in a remote Irish town in the middle of the annual Matchmaking Festival.

She becomes the centre of attention for the local matchmakers and for the town’s bachelors, leading to hilarious situations. But it is local bartender Sean who steals her heart and helps her with her genealogy research. 

What follows is a story packed with humor, romance, quirky Irish characters and incredible scenery. An easy to watch, feel-good, romantic comedy!

The Matchmaking Festival is not just a made-up story. It’s a real event that takes place every September in the town of Lisdoonvarna on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The annual Matchmaking Festival attracts people from all over the world who are looking for love, fun and a bit of craic.

“Love is waiting there for everyone, it’s there just waiting to be found. When it is, it’s a lovely feeling.” Matchmaker, Willie Daly

Leap Year

Starring: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott
Location: Aran Islands, Connemara, Wicklow National Park, Dublin’s Temple Bar

Leap Year - 5 Must See Romantic Movies Set In Ireland

Leap Year – the story:

It’s an old Irish tradition that a woman can only ask a man to marry her on Leap Day! Anna travels to Ireland to ask her boyfriend, who lives in Dublin, to marry her on Leap Day. But things don’t go as planned.

After an emergency plane landing Anna hires Irishman Declan to take her on a journey across Ireland to get her to Dublin in time. This funny love story shows off some of the most beautiful places in Ireland.

P.S. I Love You

Starring: Gerard Butler, Hillary Swank
Location: County Wicklow

P.S. I Love You - 5 Must See Romantic Movies Set In Ireland

P.S. I Love You – the story :

Holly loses the love of her life, Gerry, to a brain tumor. Gerry knew how hard Holly would take his death, so he planned ahead. After his death he leaves her a series of letters, all ending with P.S. I Love You. Together with 2 friends Holly takes a trip to Gerry’s homeland, Ireland.

The letters take her on a journey of rediscovery and help her to start up her life again. The last letter Holly receives tells her not to turn away from new love…. This movie will definitely bring a tear to the eye!


Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen
Location: Enniscorthy, Wexford, Dublin

Brooklyn - 5 Must See Romantic Movies Set In Ireland

Brooklyn – the story:

Eilis is a young Irish woman who moves to Brooklyn in the 1950s to find work. She falls in love with and marries Italian American Tony. When her sister suddenly dies, she returns home to Ireland. Here she temporally takes over her late sister’s bookkeeping job, and she meets bachelor Jim who falls in love with her.

Eilis has to choose between Ireland and her adopted home the US, and between the two different lives. Will true love prevail? A must-see modern classic love story!

Tristan & Isolde

Starring: James Franco, Sophia Myles
Location:  Killary Harbour, Ballinahinch Castle, Connemara, Glassilaun Beach

Tristan & Isolde - 5 Must See Romantic Movies Set In Ireland

Tristan & Isolde – the story:

The movie is based on an old legend that tells the story of the doomed love between English knight Tristan and Irish princess Isolde, shortly after the fall of the Roman empire.

Tristan gets wounded in battle and ends up in Ireland, where Isolde, daughter of an Irish king, finds him and helps him recover. They fall in love but Tristan, who does not know her true identity, has to travel back home. 

He also does not know that Isolde is destined to marry Tristan’s Lord, who is the future king of the two countries. Will Tristan & Isolde’s forbidden love threaten the peace? A must see romantic drama that is based on a medieval love story.

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